Elizabeth McGrady Retires

Elizabeth McGrady will retire on Friday, October 30. Elizabeth has worked at the San Anselmo Preschool and Afterschool since March 1, 1981.

Elizabeth started the Afterschool program at Wade Thomas Elementary School. She, and a young woman named Joyful, had 12 kids in the beginning. As the Afterschool program grew it was able to provide a valuable service to the community by accommodating 50 kids/day. Elizabeth ran the Afterschool for 14 years giving the children opportunities to dream, create, build, act, learn, and play together.

In 1995 Elizabeth stepped in as Interim Director of the San Anselmo Preschool and Afterschool until becoming the Executive Director permanently. Elizabeth has devoted her entire adult life to providing care, structure, consistency, support, love, empathy, understanding, and grace to all the children and families that have crossed her path, as a Head Teacher and Director.

Elizabeth will be greatly missed for all the amazing accomplishments she has achieved during her time at SAPS & SAAS, but we are excited for her new adventures traveling, spending time with friends and family, and being able to watch her 5 grandchildren grow. Her gifts will keep growing. This is certainly the prime of her life.

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